Is it all right to change?


I’m going to change this blog. Completely. Utterly. I keep thinking to myself that I could do better things on this blog but this is where I’m going to make my move. However, I will be deleting all my posts sooner or later so that I can start again. Please do not hesitate to email me at if you would like to tell me any ideas or such to include in this new blog. 

Hopefully this blog will be ready by Saturday so that I can post my normal weekly post. 





Christmas is Over!!!

I’m feeling quite disappointed that Christmas is over now- I mean you can’t help not loving Christmas!! Well…there’s still 365 days till Christmas next year- it is a leep year so one more day is added to the wait. I simply can’t wait till next year!! Coming soon, there’s also New Year to look forward to. I plan to stay up all night and celebrate!! I hope I don’t accidentally fall asleep, though! That would be unfortunate. 

Anyway, I’ve been doing my nails using the nail art tool and some of the nail polish I got for Christmas. This is quite a simple design but it was my first try after all! Here’s a pic!


Tell me some designs that you’d like me to do in the comments below. I will attempt them. Here is a picture of the nail art tool I used. I got it from Claires. 

 Have a very Christmas everyone!!



It’s Christmas Day!!

Hey everyone!! It’s Christmas day!! I have just finished opening my presents and I really like them!! Unfortunately I am not able to put a list here of what I got but I can assure you I am very very happy with what I got. 

  Though in my future blog posts, I might use some of the things I got from my friends and family. 

That’s enough on presents. Right now, I am in my room, waiting for my mum to finish making Christmas lunch. I’m feeling quite hungry actually!! 

I’ll add more to this post later. Now I’m going to test out my Christmas prezzies!!



Christmas is in 2 days!!!!!

Hi everyone!! I’m so excited!!! Christmas Day is in two more days and Christmas Eve is tomorrow!!! Can u believe it? Time is passing so quickly!! Anyway, I would like you to comment below, telling me how YOUR Christmas has been so far!!! Maybe you’ve tried the gingerbread recipe, I posted earlier? What do you think? Tell me in the comments below!! Right now I’m heading off to horse riding in half an hour and I’ll try to post something really nice to tomorrow if I can!!



Sleepover Fun With MINTY.MADISON

Hi guys! I’m at a sleepover right now and lets be honest, its really fun!!! I’m going to watch the movie Pixels now.

Hi, I’m Madison, M sunset’s best friend. You might know me as minty.madison from some of the comments below. ¬†M sunset is currently at my house, after my failed attempt of a NON blind folded makeover, oops!! Alicia (aka M Sunset) has just snuck me out a¬†twix ¬†and is inquiring if i want a kitkat, the answer is NO, M sunset, who is currently reading over my shoulder. A twix is enough, thank you very much!!! Wow, I’m polite, aren’t I? HAHAHAHA. and guess what?? I get my OWN special FONT because I’m the ‘SPECIAL GUEST’ of this blog, even though i am hosting the sleep over and am typing this on MY laptop with MY cat stalking behind me. Although it IS Alicia’s¬†twix and ALICIA’s kind offer for me to have a kitkat. My hands are tired so I will leave the rest of this to Alicia.

I’m back! After Madi’s long lecture to you all, I am here to tell you all of the INTERESTING STUFF! I’m eating ice cream, Baskins robbins, the vanilla flavour while Madi has gone for the chocolate. We’re are having problems with the TV, it is not letting us buy the movie pixel because more credit needs to be put on but when we finally did this, it doesn’t work. Its complicated. We might have to watch something else. I was looking forward to watching Pixels. But we’ll find something just as good for sure, I hope.

I’ll write again soon. Now we are trying to find a substitute movie for this terrible disaster. Ciao!

and yours faithfully,


Alicia and Madison






Saturday Sleepovers!

Hi!! Well, I couldn’t wait till the next day so I decided to go ahead and post another post! I’m feeling really excited because I’m going to have a sleepover with my best friend Madison. We have it pretty much planned, I think, because we have forever kept bombarding each other on Skype with our ideas; some turned out to be quite silly! We are definitely going to play Truth or Dare, I mean who wouldn’t?¬† I’m getting the truth or dare questions from the site:

I have used these before at a sleepover party so from what I know they are quite good. Another thing is (I actually only thought of it now) that maybe while we’re are playing Truth or Dare, then it would be fun to drink of hot chocolate and think of super forfeits. We are also planning of going to the pool, we go there EVERY time we have a sleepover. Its like a tradition. Its really fun though. There’s a library there as well, a diving board at the pool, a restaurant and a beach as well!

When I go there today, I definitely planning to bring my makeup bag with my scarlet lipstick inside!! You know why? We’re planning to maybe make ourselves look like Miranda Sings! Its going to be so so so funny!! Alongside that, we probably going to have Blindfolded makeup challenge!! I experienced one of these before and trust me, its impossible to put on eyeliner neatly with a blindfold on your face! Don’t even ask me about lipstick!! While I was putting makeup on my friend blindfolded, I used the lipstick and starting trying to get her lipstick on her chin!!

Lastly we need to have a midnight feast. Its like a tradition along with going to the pool. Its really fun but pretending to be sleeping and staying awake when you’re really tired is really hard! That’s all for now but I’ll report back very soon!!






Getting ready for Christmas!

Hi guys!!

This is going to be the post that’s a week before Christmas!! I’m absolutely thrilled about Christmas!! I can’t wait any longer!!! I keep wondering what I might be getting from my parents and friends. While some people would open their presents from their friends straight away, I am saving mine for Christmas so for the time being I am putting mine under the Christmas tree.

Now…moving onto a holiday bonus. Usually I would post on Satutday’s but next week I will be posting on Saturday and Friday (Christmas Eve¬†and Christmas Day) and possibly some of the weekdays!! If you have any ideas about what sort of things I should post them please send me an email at OR leave a comment below. If I do end up using your idea then I can assure you that your name will be mentioned.

On this post I will be talking about things you can do to celebrate Christmas. First on my list, is gingerbread. Its very tasty and you can decorate it with icing which will make it look fabulous. You can put it in a see through bag, slip a label on and lastly tie it with a festive looking ribbon. These make perfect gifts to anyone but if you do feel there’s too little, then go ahead and add something else that specific person¬†might like such as a lipstick or a notebook.

If you would like to make some delicious tasting (and looking!) gingerbread then read on to find out the recipe.


What you need:

250g of margarine or butter

2 dl of light syrup (1dl is the same as 100ml)

4 dl of sugar

2 tbs of cinnamon

1 tbs cardamon

1 teaspoon of ginger

1 tbs of cloves

1 dl of water

1 tbs of baking soda

13 dl of flour



  1. Melt the butter/margarine and the syrup in a cooking pot. You could melt it in the microwave.
  2. Measure the sugar and  ground spices into the bowl, pour the mixture of butter/margarine and syrup on top and mix well.
  3. Add the water to the mixture and mix it in. Let the mixture cool until it is room temperature.
  4. Mix the baking soda with the flour and then mix it all into the butter/margarine and syrup mixture.
  5. Mix the loose dough.
  6. Rest the dough overnight or two in the cold.
Now your dough is ready! Remember to cut the shapes out! Put it in the oven to cook!
I’d also like to add another recipe for the icing.
What you need:


2 dl icing sugar

1/2 of egg whites

A few drops of vinegar or lemon juice


  1. Mix the ingredients then pour the mixture into a Ziploc bag. Cut of the edge so icing can come through. You can now start decorating!!
Next I will talk about a Christmas DIY I thought of. It uses the gingerbread cookies that you might of made¬†so basically what I’d call 2 in 1. Anyway it’s quite simple and easy to do but still a good idea.
Take a gingerbread cookie and make a hole in it. Make sure its decorated before you do this next thing with it. Put a string through and hang it as an extra ornament on the Christmas tree. You could hang it somewhere else as well. But don’t let any bugs get to your sweet treat! Do this with several other cookies. Have fun decorating!
I have another idea for the gingerbread cookies. I guess it could be called a decoration but not exactly. Basically you get a nice bowl and put your gingerbread cookies inside. Put the bowl maybe on a table or a mantelpiece.
To finish off this post, I’ll be showing you a supercute nail DIY. I didn’t do this one; I found it on the internet but¬† I absolutely LOVE it! A Santa hat!¬† Perfectly appropriate for this time of year! How cute is that?
nail art

Santa hat nail art

Well that’s all for now! Remember I’ll be posting sometime in the week whenever I can!!